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Tasty Tortilla Snack Bite

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Natural/organic ingredients are best.

Appetizer - Tomatoey Tortilla Snack BiteFast and easy, crunchy, soft, rich, filling

— takes maybe less than 30 seconds to prepare.

Lite luncheon with the ladies and a terrific, healthy, after school energy fix for the kids.

You’ll need:

1 Package tortillas – organic or best quality. The flavor can be to your taste.
1 Container of organic hummus also to your taste
Several organic tomatoes (with some in reserve for 2nds & 3rds) sliced
1 Jar pitted Kalamata olives cut in half
2 Ripe avocados – pitted, sliced & scooped out of skin
Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling

One medium cast iron or stainless steel skillet
NOTE: the size of the tortilla depends on if you want each person to have her/his own tortilla or pizza cut slices from very large burrito size

To prepare:

Bring skillet to medium heat. Place one flat tortilla in skillet and toast slightly on both sides about 30 seconds on each side. You can adjust this later to make it less or more crunchy. Transfer to a plate and repeat for as many as you want. Spread each with hummus and top with avocado slices, tomato slices, halved olives and a drizzle of olive oil. Cut into pizza slices or serve each person their own. Voila! Delicious finger chews!

Chewy variations are infinite: add herbed bar-b-que chicken bites or marinated tempeh bits or even feta cheese for that salty complimentary tang…..

Here are two:
Chicken: Slice breast into thin strips and saute in olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs of your choice, and garlic. Cut strips into bite size pieces and add to tortilla tops.
Tempeh: Prepare same as for chicken but cut tempeh into small cubes and sauté/toast until sides are golden tan. Add to tortilla topping.

ABOUT: Wellness Chef Helen Sandler
Lecturer, personal chef, teacher, wellness coach, & speaker, Helen promotes a healthier lifestyle through common sense, organic / natural approach to a happier, positive life.

Helen Sandler is used to being an innovator and at the cutting edge of whole foods whole grains awareness. After graduating from SUNY, New York with a teaching degree, she began to follow her real passion for healthy cooking which took her from Los Angeles to Boston to attend the cooking school of the late and great master Japanese natural chef, Aveline Kushi. Later that passion took her to Kyoto, Japan to continue her studies, where she spent four more years learning the art of healthy Japanese cooking (Seishoku).

As Wellnes Chef Helen she is the featured authority at CTNgreen /wellness with articles in the library there and the virtual paperless magazine at CTNGreen Magazine