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It’s my website and I’ll yell if I want to….

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

you can yell too if it happens to you! – dada dadaDA! And it does to all of us.

Pills, pills, pills, pills, pills…….endless TV commercials promoting the Big Pharma compressed concoctions. Enough already! And blasting our audio and ocular senses every few minutes or less for 10 different afflictions that they helped contribute to with lab engineered foods and ‘remedies’. And what about the one where the actors are followed around by a hospital gurney over hills and dales and through sliding steel/glass doors just waiting for your arteries to clog and congeal enough for you to keel over backward…(can you keel over backwards or is it, fall…) into the ‘cozy’ steel arms of the patiently waiting gurney – instead of a more normal crumple and cracking your skull, God forbid. Wait a minute, you’d need another pill or an additive to that one that instantly senses the fall and turns that part of your skull into a cushiony protective sponge! So if your fall don’t getcha your arteries will. BUT ward off that fall and gurney with a pill!! Here it comes to save your day….save your life….a pill. And what about the pill for depression that causes suicidal thoughts?!?!? Dahhh! “I can do that on my own!” say those same depressed individuals. “Why do I need to pay for a pill?”

And the partner closeness pill that causes us to seek separate bath tubs….that one I can’t figure out at all. First it’s togetherness then it’s separateness. Make up your minds. Are the tubs replacing the quintessential aftermath cigarettes? What’s the point? I know, the other person in the other tub may not be the original partner since we don’t see faces? Hmmm. Pills promoting open relationships? If they’re selling tubs too, by the way, then give us a brand name. I happen to like those old claw foot cast iron relics.

And on and on and on….what’s the old adage? “If it don’t kill you, it’ll cure you.” Or something like that. Don’t believe it! Way too many to go into here. But I do sense a book or a more in-depth blog coming to me. I’ve been planning to take notes re all those assaulting horrors, and now I will…maybe Killer Pills…with all the double meanings.

Obesity, autism, hi & lo BP, ADD-ADHD, ED…..get this, for most every affliction there is a food or foods and combinations for you and your pets with lifestyle changes to suit. So simple. Slow the pills. Shop the natural food stores and farmers’ markets. Start eating real whole grains. Sniff out real herbs. Seek out local and organic farmers and their friends. Single out real reading material on and off the web to suit your realigning health goals. Venture into the world of responsible personal healthcare. Take advantage of the bottomless well of support available to you. While weaning away from the pharmaceuticals, dive into a world of intuitive judgment that served and saved our ancestors…as recently as our grandparents and great grandparents for us baby boomers. So shout it out….I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore! And don’t.

ABOUT: Wellness Chef Helen Sandler
Lecturer, personal chef, teacher, wellness coach, & speaker, Helen promotes a healthier lifestyle through common sense, organic / natural approach to a happier, positive life.

Helen Sandler is used to being an innovator and at the cutting edge of whole foods whole grains awareness. After graduating from SUNY, New York with a teaching degree, she began to follow her real passion for healthy cooking which took her from Los Angeles to Boston to attend the cooking school of the late and great master Japanese natural chef, Aveline Kushi. Later that passion took her to Kyoto, Japan to continue her studies, where she spent four more years learning the art of healthy Japanese cooking (Seishoku).

As Wellnes Chef Helen she is the featured authority at CTNgreen /wellness with articles in the library there and the virtual paperless magazine at CTNGreen Magazine