My Holiday Wishgift for Our Children

For Our New President:

Department of Natural & Sustainable Education in our schools

It’s time to get real. With cancer deaths projected to more than double worldwide over the next two decades, with childhood obesity, diabetes and alarmingly so many, many diseases on the rise in our children and all people as a whole throughout this nation and around the world, yes I think it’s time to get real. What more does it take? Duuh!?!? in our kids’ vernacular. Our food sources, animal and vegetable are corrupted. That’s real. An idea that I heard of for a ‘Healthcorps’ is terrific. Better still, incorporating that into a government Department for Natural Healthcare and Natural Student Lunch Programs would be all inclusive.

PREVENTING ILL HEALTH: schools teaching our children the fundamentals of natural healthcare through the practice of a natural lifestyle, green and sustainable, that our food sources are actually from the earth, both animal and vegetable, not from the store. Classes teaching them respect, gratitude, and appreciation for how to plant, nurture, harvest, prepare their foods, care for the animals – should be mandatory.


They will then respect themselves, their environment, the world. Then their healthy, respectful decisions will come from their healthy, respectful judgment ‘trickling up & down’ to the rest of the world. It will take time, but THE TIME IS NOW. It’s time our government took a hand in Preventative Healthcare starting at the source — our children. Being green and sustainable is not only for our car’s energy or our environment’s energy, it’s first and foremost for our own personal energy, our own personal fuel. We also operate best on Hi-test — natural, organic, sustainable.

Disrespecting our world’s/nation’s environment comes from disrespecting ourselves, our mental and physical health by fueling our bodies with chemical sludge, the lowest common denominator of sustenance found in fast and packaged foods comprising the majority of what’s available to the general public these days. That can only change with education. And I’ve found that kids actually welcome and appreciate it all especially tasting delicious, real food. After all they’re unadulterated…literally. Green and sustainable education throughout our country is necessary starting with our school systems/lunch programs. The parents will follow. Our children are our future. That’s not hokey. That’s real.

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